What makes smokers to gain weight after they quit smoking?


I have quit smoking but I have gained weight! Do you get to her this often from your family, friends or heard yourself saying it?

The general presumption is that weight gain post quitting smoking is not because of an increased craving of appetite but is a result of a change in the composition of intestinal flora after giving up on smoking. According to recent trends, about 80 percent of the people who quit smoking tend to weight 10 kilos more on an average. But, surprisingly in most of them there is no increase in the calorie levels. So what is the reason behind their weight gain? Let’s find out!

Altered composition of bacterial diversity in intestine

Researchers have given the cause of weight gain to a change in the diversity of bacteria present in the intestine. They also found out that bacterial strain that stay in the intestinal flora of an overweight person is also one of the factors that influence him/her to give up smoking.

Comparison of stool samples

The team of researchers studied sample faeces and examined the genetic material of intestinal bacteria that were present in them. Along with this, they also studied stool samples of persons for nine weeks. The study included five non-smokers and ten people who had quit smoking after a week of the beginning of the study.

The analysis report says that even though the bacterial diversity in faeces of smokers and non-smokers reflect little changes over time. But, those who quit smoking made the biggest shift in the composition of microbial inhabitants. The study also reveals that the participants who had quit smoking gained an average weight of 2.2 kilos even though there were no changes in their eating and drinking habits.

It has also been found that the composition of myriad bacteria in the intestinal flora that changes post quitting smoking is most likely to provide the body with more energy making non-smoker gain weight.

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