Men Suffer From Hair Loss More Than Women: Fact or Myth?


There is a plethora of information available on the issue of hair loss. It might be difficult to distinguish between myths and reality at times. Let’s look at a few of these myths and try to dispel some of the misinformation.

Wait, Don’t Freak Out

Let’s just end this tug-of-war. In reality, hair loss affects women just as much as it does men. Women, on the other hand, are more self-conscious and go to greater lengths to disguise it. Men’s balding patterns are also more noticeable; males often lose hair initially at the front and top of their heads, whereas women lose hair density overall.

Hair loss is a natural part of life; sure, strand shedding can clog your shower drain, and yes, it means vacuuming every other day or your carpet will become a hairy rug… Hair loss, on the other hand, is completely natural but sometimes it may not.

The problem is that there are so many potential causes of hair loss that it can be difficult to establish the specific reason why your strands are coming out and, as a result, how to treat the problem.

Still here, good to see you!

“Mainly each hair follicle on our scalp passes through three phases of life,”

“The Anagen Stage refers to when a hair strand is aggressively forming.. This period might span anywhere between two and eight years.”

“The Catagen Stage is a brief period of transition that can last up to three weeks. The hair has reached the end of its growth cycle and is about to shed.”

“Old hair is thrust to the skin’s surface during Telogen before being naturally eliminated and replaced with a new anagen hair that is forming.”

It’s crucial not to panic if you’re losing strands; your mane will grow back. Here’s all you need to know in the interim…

Let’s cure your hair loss. We have a few options for slowing it down.

  • Get smart about styling
  • Stop applying chemicals on a regular basis
  • Maintain your proper balanced diet
  • Take supplements like iron, zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids

Caution: Excessive intake of vitamin A also cause hair loss, so take it in an adequate amount.

The following are three elements that influence hair thining:

  • Stress
  • Age
  • Hormonal Imbalance

If everything is quite proper then, also you are having this problem then you might seek help from a doctor, although there are so many medications available out there which may help you out.

Quite Mind Gazing, okay so what should I supposed to do to maintain my hair healthily.

As I mentioned before just take proper supplements which cure your inner body deficiencies thereby, help to keep your scalp healthy also, in case of medication you can go with lotions or serums, etc.


It’s a myth that men suffer from more hair loss in comparison to women. The pattern will be different of losing but it will be wrong to say only one suffers more from the hair loss.

Sometimes, hair regrows without treatment. When treatment is necessary, depending on the cause of hair loss, over-the-counter medications that stimulate hair growth may be helpful.

Here, are some of the leading medicines that will help you with hair loss or hair balding like Qilib Minoxidil 5% Lotion, Regaine Minoxidil 5% Solution, Finpecia 1mg Tablet.

So, bye-bye Hair Fall…..

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