Generic Drugs – Things You Need to Know

Generic Medicines

Generic Drugs – Things You Need to Know


Drugs which are approved under the guidelines by Food and Drug Association (FDA) and have the same chemical composition, qualities, effects, dosage, strength, and the intended use as their branded counterparts are known as generic drugs.


Difference between Generic & Branded Drugs

Generic drugs are basically the copies of the original or branded drugs with the same effects and are also cheaper in comparison to its branded counterparts.

With the same composition, qualities, and effects, both branded and generic drugs are almost the same. The differences that one can find between the two can be of the colour, shape, size, packing, preservatives, and inactive ingredients.


Why Generic Medicines Costs Cheaper?

Generic drugs are sold 80-85% cheaper than their branded counterparts. The massive gap is due to the differences in the manufacturing and marketing cost of both versions.

On one hand, it takes years of years of research, clinical trials, required manpower, and the cost of marketing. All these processes need a lot of investment which shows why branded drugs are sold at an expensive cost. Also, the time given under the patent laws is sometimes not enough to recover the expenses.

On the other, Generic drugs are released as soon as the patent of the branded drug expires. So, the manufacturers of the generic drugs don’t have to go through too many processes. Hence, the cost is not that much.


Availability of Generic Medication

Generic drugs are available on all platforms at lower costs depending on the platforms that it is available. You can buy them from medical stores, pharmacies, and various online portals.


How to get it even cheaper?

The generic version of a medicine is available at a much lower price when you compare it to the price of the branded version. Well, you can get it at even lower rates of what it is sold at medical stores, hospitals, and in-house pharmacies. In fact, the best option is to order your medication online.

There are a lot of online pharmacies who take bulk orders of medicines and sell it at even cheaper rates that you get at many medical stores. Generic medicines too can be bought from here at lower than ever prices.

By buying generic drugs, you can save on your expenses and also add some time to your precious life.

So, what is your preference?

Generic or a branded drug?


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