Alarming Signs Of Cervical Cancer


Cervical Cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. Read the blog and know what are the alarming signs of Cervical Cancer that you need to know!

Unusual Vaginal Discharge

Women experience vaginal discharge of different degrees throughout their life. But, women who have cervical cancer experience heavy vaginal discharge with symptoms like foul smell or color change.

Pelvic Pain

Women having cervical cancer experience pelvic pain and it occur mostly in the lower part of the abdomen. This pain might be constant and sharp in a particular spot, or an intermittent pain that might come and go.

Discomfort while urination

One of the other common symptoms of cervical cancer is pain during urination. This type of pain could also mean urinary tract infection. However, this pain could also be a sign of cervical cancer.

Heavy and longer menstrual periods

Your menstrual cycle says loads about your health! If you are experiencing heavy and longer menstrual periods, this could mean you are at a much higher risk of cervical cancer.

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