What is Injection ?

Injection is an act or process of forcing a liquid medicine or drug to a person by using a special needle. Some medications can not be given by mouth because chemical action of enzymes and digestive fluids will change or reduce their effectiveness, or because they are removed from the body too quickly to have any effect. Sometimes a medicine is injected so that they act more quickly.

What is Vaccine or Vaccinations ?

Vaccines create immunity that protects you from an infection without causing the suffering of the disease itself. Sometimes called vaccine immunizations, needles or shots. Vaccinations protect you from certain diseases that can make you very sick, or even kill you. They boost your body 's own defense system, which is also called the immune system. Sometimes vaccines prevent one disease. Sometimes they can be combined to protect you from some diseases with one shot. Scientists are looking at new ways to provide vaccines, such as oral or nasal spray.



Medical Disclaimer

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