Osteoporosis - Arthritis Drugs Supplier In Russia

It is a chronic disease in which the body mistakenly attacks its own tissues and it has become a major cause of decline in life expectancy in Russia due to which the annual mortality  rate has increased from 1.6 percent to 37.7 percent  per year. Vladimir putin  who is current president of the country was elected back in the year of 2000 and played a crucial role and he pushed for  significant growth in spending for public health care in Russia. The country has an estimated number 17,500 pharmacies of which 17 percent are privately owned and for hospitals provide pharmaceuticals for inpatients, but out patients must purchase them. The country has more of hospitals, physicians and healthcare workers on the basis of per capita than almost any other country in the world but still general health of the country has declined significantly.

How Can Russians Prevent Osteoporosis - Arthritis

  • Avoid alcohol intake and tobacco smoking.
  • Eat to ease symptoms.
  • Consider complementary therapies.
  • Try new ways to manage pain.
  • Exercise.
  • Manage your weight.

India - A Consistent Arthritis Medicine Provider To Russia

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