U.S. FDA OKs Dexycu (dexamethasone) Intraocular Suspension For The Treatment Of Postoperative Ocular Inflammation

FDA Approves Dexycu Intraocular Suspension for the treatment of Postoperative Ocular Inflammation

Icon Bioscience receives FDA approval for Dexycu (dexamethasone intraocular suspension) for treating inflammation associated with Cataract Surgery

Company: Icon Bioscience Inc.

Brand Name: Dexycu

Generic Name: dexamethasone

Dosage Form: Intraocular Suspension

Treatment For: Postoperative Ocular Inflammation 



General information about Dexycu

Dexycu (dexamethasone) is a long-acting, injectable corticosteroid formulation administered intraocularly into the posterior chamber of the eye for the treatment of postoperative inflammation associated with cataract surgery.

Dexycu delivers a biodegradable extended-release formulation of dexamethasone into the posterior chamber of the eye via a single injection at the end of surgery, eliminating the burden of self-administering medicated eye drops several times a day in a primarily elderly patient population.