The United Kingdom constitutes four geographic and historical parts—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom accommodates most of the area and population of the British Isles—the geographic term for the group of islands that comprises Great Britain, Ireland, and several smaller islands. The present population of the United Kingdom is 65,537,189 as according to based on the current United Nations estimates. The population is proportionate to 0.87% of the total world population.The country is ranks at number 21 in the list most populous countries.The population density in the country  is 271 per Km2 (701 people per mi2).


The price of cancer care in the U.K. are rising at an unparalleled price, guided by demographic fluctuation, and consumerism within health care. Costs are firmly constrained and health technology assessments formed to assure analysis of high value interventions have come under significant public and political scrutiny. User charges probably administer a structure to “nudge” patients from low value care of finite efficiency approaching high value cost effective treatment, thereby increasing overall efficiency. It’s not equitable the immense prices that are the dilemma but also the capability to pay them. In the UK, this has become an  combative topic as NHS budgets become squeezed. Pharma companies and the NHS already consult prices – allegedly for discounts in the region of 25-30% – but these final figures are hidden from the public.


A solution to the dilemma – both from a drug price perspective and the competence to compensate cancer drugs – does seem relatively elusive. And while it is fair that a continuing sustainable funding mechanism is required, what this should look like and how it would work has struggled to produce a consensus. Many have called for NICE to have a larger liability in negotiating prices with pharma companies but this evolution has been slow.


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