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Oddway International is a self-motivated and fast-emerging pharmaceutical company based in New Delhi, India has started its business in the Philippines since 2010. The Upward stride of a country like India needs the boost of a steady force that helps it to mobilize maximum resources to maintain and enhance its growth. Our company has been directly catering the needs of large, medium, small enterprises, and individuals across the Philippines regarding their medical needs. The company's strong independent infrastructure makes it one of the world's most popular exporters. We are the largest supplier of generics drugs in developing countries. With the trade of a wide range of drugs, Our extensive distribution network has continued over the past seven years, enabling us to organize a strong global business. We provide cancer drugs, antibiotics, hepatitis drugs, HIV and other life-saving drugs to the Philippines market, including Manila, Davao, Cebu, General Santos, Taguig, Pasig, Antipolo and so on. It is our endeavor to bring solace to the suffering humanity through effective and high-quality products, offered at competitive prices. Our focus is on maintaining a healthy, secure and reliable relationship with patrons and can be expressed by the high satisfaction they have with us, while the company maintains extremely rigorous standards of patient safety. We believe that the use of the necessary prescription drugs should be safe, convenient and affordable, and we are proud to be able to bring you a wide range of drug options, all of which are available 24x7. In the pursuit of internationally recognized health care products and excellent flights to pursue growth at the same time, each achievement is only another milestone in our journey, rather than the ultimate goal. The growth of excellence and integrity is the continuous process of our company.

Our Commitment: Quality, value, and timely responses are the keys to customer satisfaction. Oddway International is driven by the desire to bring to market innovations that will greatly improve people's quality of life.

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