The Republic of Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country, and it is the ninth largest in the world, Kazakhstan is an assertive nation of Central Asia economically, It also has vast mineral resources and generates 60% of the region's GDP, mainly with its oil/gas industry.

Kazakhstan is formally a democratic, secular, unitary, constitutional republic with a varied cultural heritage. Kazakhstan shares its border with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, and also accompanies a large part of the Caspian Sea. The territory of Kazakhstan comprises flat lands, steppe, taiga, hills, snow-capped mountains, and deserts.The capital is Astana.The current population of Kazakhstan is 18,082,053 as of Thursday, August 3, 2017, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Kazakhstan has a generous supply of reachable mineral and fossil fuel resources. Expansion of petroleum, natural gas, and mineral abstraction, has engaged more than $40 billion in foreign investment in Kazakhstan since 1993 and accounts for some 57% of the nation's industrial output (or approximately 13% of gross domestic product). According to some estimates Kazakhstan has the second largest uranium, chromium, lead, and zinc reserves,  It is also an exporter of diamonds. Perhaps most compelling for economic development, Kazakhstan currently has the 11th largest proven reserves of both petroleum and natural gas.


Kazakhstan needs to devote more in public health and reconstruct its healthcare systems. The country has already made some progress. In Kazakhstan, chronic diseases accounted for 79% of all deaths in 2002.

Kazakhstan has the second highest rate of Cardiovascular disease, with 635 deaths per 100,000. Other diseases like HIV/AIDS have also become a greater issue.  Most readily, Kazakhstan lags behind many of its peers in terms of its disease management. It bears a large burden of Tuberculosis infections with a rate of 198 out of 100,000. While this figure may seem slight to most, it is more than three times the European average. India has been a major medical aid provider to central Asian countries. Oddway International is one of the well known and prominent generic drugs, medicines, pharmaceutical wholesaler, supplier, distributors and exporter in Kazakhstan. We have been exporting medications to almost all central Asian countries and we looking forward to expand our business in Kazakhstan.