Germany officially known as the federal republic of Germany is  autonomous of central Europe. Germany has the greatest national economy in Europe and also the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in all over world. The population of Germany is estimated to be around 81,7 million people and Berlin being the capital is the largest city with about 3.3 million inhabitants. It occupies a land area of  357,022km² which makes it seventh largest country of Europe . The official language is German but Germans also speak a variety of other German dialects and an estimated of 50% Germans  are able to understand and converse in English. They have referred English as a second language. The country's other major cities are Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and  Düsseldorf. Germany has borders with Netherlands, Denmark and the Baltic sea in the west and France in the west, Austria and Switzerland in the south, Poland and Czech republic in east.

Health Issue In Germany

According to WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) Germany was  ranked 20th in the world in life expectancy back in 2014 with 76.5 years for men and 82.1 years for women and had a very low infant mortality rate. Healthcare in Germany is far better than in most of the developed countries but still the German patients are facing increasing costs as the country has  the fourth highest health expense in the world. Heart disorders are the most common cause of death in Germany that’s why it’s been ranked eighth in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation)

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