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HIV stands for (Human immunodeficiency virus) which directly  affects CD4 cells in the immune system. Vietnam has achieved remarkable success by restricting the growth rate of new HIV infections and reducing AIDS-related deaths. After 15 years of coping with HIV/AIDS in Viet Nam, the epidemic is still in the concentrated stage with high prevalence among high-risk groups and low prevalence in the community but, Vietnam is still facing imposing challenges in maintaining the national response to HIV/AIDS.

  • Every day 100 people are newly infected with HIV.
  • About one in every 60 households has a family member living with HIV.
  • Almost 50 percent of communes and wards have reported cases of HIV.
  • Certain regions are more affected than others.
  • About 25 percent of all injecting drug users are HIV positive.
  • Vietnam have issued a number of policy responses to prevent and control HIV/AIDS.

Increased Public health Workforce Capacity  Strengthened sustainability and local capacity by providing in-service training for 10,922 healthcare workers. Improved Quality of HIV Services  Launched and expanded the national quality improvement program in 68 adult outpatient clinics. Developed and Updated National Policies  Supported the development and updating of national level testing guidelines.

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