World Population Day 2018: Family Planning Is a Human Right

World Population Day 2018: Family Planning Is a Human Right

World Population Day 2018: Family Planning Is a Human Right

World Population Day is celebrated all over the world to establish campaigns about population growth and its effects on world’s economy. Exploding population year by year has to be checked on large scale and that is why United Nation Assembly collectively took the step forward on July 11, 1989 to celebrate World Population Day.

This awareness program is celebrated to spread awareness amongst people who are unaware of birth control methods. World Population Day, in a way, is about women because there are millions of women who are not willing to reproduce but are not given freedom in most of the cases.


2018 Theme Of World Population Day: Family Planning Is a Human Right

The theme followed by this year’s World Population Day is a pledge towards family planning. According to first International Conference about family planning, each parent has a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly about the number of children and their spacing in the family. 

The theme further states that all women and girls are free to choose when to expect a pregnancy. Through this programme they are taught about birth control methods such as contraceptive pills that can help them to decide on their own future.


Why do we celebrate World Population day?

  • Population had grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion in 20th Century alone (and this is after the mass destruction in World War I & II).

  • Until the mid 20th Century, i.e, 1970s, there were half as many people as there are in present time.

  • Growth rate is declining as the birth rate is not in proportion with death rate, in next 200 years, the population will be twice of today’s time. This will cause the lack of resources, hunger, poverty etc. in the world.

To control these problems, United Nation has taken the initiative to control population in the home called planet earth.


The major step taken for World Population Day:

  • Men and Women are being empowered to avoid population crisis.

  • Campaigns are planned for youth about methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

  • Youth is taught to be more responsible towards marriage and reproduction.

  • Education is provided to youth about the dangers and illnesses of early child birth, as it leads to many complications.

  • Sexually transmitted Diseases has caused many problems in past years, new programmes are launched to help youth understand about it.

  • Girl Child Rights are being protected, acts against female foeticide are taken seriously.

  • Access to reproductive health services is provided equally to all regions.


How do we celebrate World Population Day?

Take simple steps to help the world grow better-

  • It is celebrated on international level and campaigns are arranged for various agendas.

  • Common people/students come upfront to spread awareness about this day in remote places.

  • Easy access to reproductive health services is given to the mass on a large scale.

  • Different cultural and sports activities are arranged for different regions to make people aware about this programme.

  • Young women participate on different levels to educate girls about reproduction and related issues.

  • Press conferences are arranged by political parties to address the public in person.


If we do not take step towards controlling the population, there are chances that it will grow from 7.6billion in current time to 8 billion in 2013”, predicted by United Nations.



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