Daily Habits That Can Increase The Risk of Cancer

Daily Habits That Can Increase The Risk of Cancer

What Are The Daily Habits That Can Increase The Risk of Cancer?

With time, you will learn about the newly occurring potential threats to your health. If you want to protect yourself from cancer, you must deal with enough conflicting information. New scientific studies cross out everything that you knew before. For example, more recently, scientists have found that asparagine - a chemical compound found in asparagus, can be associated with breast cancer. Of course, you do not need to give up vegetables forever, but you should be aware of things that increase the risks of malignant tumors.


Do you prefer Charred Meat?

When people go to a barbecue, they tend to choose more charred and ruddy pieces of meat. It is fair to say that this habit is associated with other dishes, for example, with baking. The big problem is that cooking meat at high temperatures can provoke the formation of chemicals that cause changes in DNA. Potentially, these compounds cause cellular mutations. This observation is confirmed by statistical data, according to which vegetarians are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer.


Your Addiction to Alcohol

If you allowed yourself to relax at a party or family celebration, there's nothing wrong with that. But if you drink alcohol on a daily basis, you increase the risks of throat cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Limit alcohol consumption, and consider non-alcoholic options for beer or wine.


Using Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic bottles are convenient to use. They are very light and do not fight, unlike glass or porcelain. Some scientific studies show that water in plastic bottles is capable of accumulating potentially harmful chemical compounds. The greatest interest deserves bisphenol - a weak synthetic hormone that invades the hormonal balance of your body and can potentially provoke the development of breast cancer. Just in case, replace your usual container for water with steel or glass.


Sleeping Next to Your Mobile Phones

What’s the last thing very common among most of the people today? It’s listening to songs, watching videos and scrolling through your social media feed via smartphones. Consider buying a wireless headset and move the phone while sleeping as far away from your head. Scientists believe that exposure to radio-frequency energy from cellular phones in the long term causes brain cancer.


Living A Passive Lifestyle

Some people by nature are super-slim, and some do not have enough time for walking or playing sports. In addition, sitting is much more convenient than standing, so you do not have to justify your habit of scientific and technical progress once again. In 2014, German scientists analyzed the data of 43 scientific studies and found the following. An additional 2 hours of sitting on a daily basis increase the risk of developing colon cancer, endometrial cancer, and lung cancer.


Using Liquid Detergent

The washing seems innocuous enough until you become acquainted with the composition of your liquid detergent. A compound called 1,4-dioxane potentially leads to malignant formations. Therefore, consider the possibility of using powders containing natural ingredients.


Deodorants Containing Aluminum

If you are still using a deodorant containing aluminum, we advise you to stop doing it as soon as possible. Recent research shows that aluminum salts are absorbed into the skin and alter the receptors of estrogen, potentially leading to the development of breast cancer.


Poor Hygiene of the Oral Cavity

Do you care about the cleanliness of the mouth after each meal? Do you use dental floss, mouthwash; or do you brush your teeth at night? Poor hygiene and gum disease increase the risk of colorectal cancer and lung cancer.


Sleep While Your TV is on!

Are you used to fall asleep under the monotonous sounds of political talk shows and hate the silence in your bedroom? Unfortunately, the artificial light that radiates working televisions throughout the night is not very good for your health. This prevents the production of the hormone melatonin and makes you wake up in the middle of the night. A study in 2010 found that blue light is potentially associated with breast cancer and prostate cancer.


Using Aromatic Candles

In aromatic candles, there is something magical and soothing. However, these items contain potentially hazardous substances. For example, benzene and toluene, getting to you in the lungs during breathing, increases the risk of cell mutations.


Using Baby Powder

Baby powder has long been popular for the hygiene of the intimate zone in women. But a scientific study conducted in 2010 found that talc increases the risk of developing endometrial cancer by 24 percent.


Use of Cosmetics Containing Parabens

Parabens are found in many cosmetic formulas, but potentially these compounds can be dangerous to your health. They are easily absorbed into the skin and can provoke the growth of cancer cells in the mammary glands.


Taking Too Much of Processed meat in the diet

Cutlets and sausages look like the best alternative to common meat just because they are quickly prepared and have different flavoring ingredients. However, recently treated meat is officially classified as a carcinogen. The more often you eat meat products, the more chances of getting colorectal cancer or pancreatic cancer.


Refusal to Use Sunscreen

Most people do not apply sunscreen to the skin, going for a walk on a summer day. However, this measure is necessary for you not only on the beach. Cream with SPF-filter significantly reduces the risk of developing melanoma.


Working Night Shifts

Millions of people around the world work at night. A changeable work schedule may seem like a more convenient option until you think about the dangers inherent in the artificial blue light.


Insufficient Drinking Water

If during the day you regularly drink water, all the systems of your body function normally. Hydration helps dilute potentially harmful compounds in the urine, which greatly reduces the risk of developing bladder cancer.

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