National Healthy Skin Month - Your Skin Needs to Live Longer

National Healthy Skin Month

National Healthy Skin Month - Your Skin Needs to Live Longer

“Ageing is a fact, looking your age isn’t.”

This isn’t just a quote, but an amazing reality that we all are living every day. Yes, ageing is not in our control but taking care of our looks and skin are manageable.


Now, the question arises, how do you feel about your skin? Is it not healthy enough or it is too dull to be called pretty? We all go through problems of managing our day to day tasks but forget to give enough to our skin.


The point here is that you need to keep your skin healthy to feel wealthy. Supported by American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), National Healthy Skin Month is observed in November. It is to make sure that we realise the importance of the biggest part of our body and how to keep it healthy, alive, and awesome.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you give a thought to your skin.


Keep it Hydrating

Our skin needs to breathe and so from time to time, it needs to be hydrated. Your body needs at least 2-3 litres of water every day to regulate daily tasks and different body functions. So, drink as much water as you can but make sure that you also don’t drink too much of it.

Everyone is different, so their needs are also different with regards to food, fashion, and water. Determine your limit and drink.


Keep Away from the Harmful

With depleting ozone layer, increasing pollution, harmful products, and ultraviolet rays of the sun, it is quite necessary to take care of your meaningful skin.


Find out what your skin needs!

Every skin type is different and so are their needs. Determine what your skin type is (Oily, dry or sensitive), and use skin care products accordingly. If you know what your skin needs, then half of the problems will already be solved.


Keep it clean and moisturised

Cleanliness is necessary, whether it’s your skin or anything. Take baths, wash your face whenever you come from outside or after exercising. Use a moisturiser to make sure that your skin doesn’t go dry or damp after baths.


Stop smoking and limit your alcohol love

Smoking is harmful to everything that belongs to your body. If you love to invite cancer and ageing at an early age, then you may continue to poison your system. Secondly, you need to limit your alcohol consumption. It dehydrates and damages your skin. So, drink less and with respect to your looks, you will feel blessed.


Exercise regularly and eat healthy!

Exercising regularly and maintaining a diet that is healthy will also benefit you with fruitful results. It not only increases your stamina or offers you an enthusiastic feel but it will also provide you with a healthy skin and a youthful experience and ageing won’t knock on your door too early.


Facts about Skin

  • An average adult body has 16-22 square feet of skin (approx), which accounts for 15% of the body weight.
  • A larger part of dust that you find in your home is actually made up of dead skin cells.
  • Our skin sheds around 30,000 cells every minute.
  • It is home to millions of bacteria comprising of thousand species.
  • Our skin serves as a protective barrier. It maintains the level of water and also keeps the harmful particles away from the body.
  • The damaged skin heals itself by forming scars. Scar tissues are different from the normal skin. They lack sweat glands and hair.


So, instead of giving too much attention to your unnecessary wants, give something to your needs. Help your skin to rejuvenate and become healthy.

Give your skin a chance to live.


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