Indian Drugs have a high demand in Hong Kong and China

Indian Drugs have a high demand in Hong Kong and China

Indian Drugs have a high demand in Hong Kong and China

Keeping your body healthy and saving it from all kinds of ailments and diseases is the most important task these days. You never know what’s out there and even a simple sneeze can turn out to be deadly. Pharmaceutical drugs are also getting expensive for each year causing distress to the patients around the world.


Due to increasing prices, there has been a high demand for generic drugs all over the world. And one of those countries known for producing high-quality generic drugs at lower costs has been India.


India’s Generic Drug Market


India is known to the world for its cost-effective drugs and healthcare services. Over the years, they have been able to form a huge market of exporting generic drugs around the world. Most of the countries depend a lot on India; especially people from the Republic of China and Hong Kong seem to be heavily depended on Indian Medication.


Why China & Hong Kong Need Drugs from India?


The reason behind is the difference in the manufacturing of drugs in both countries. The process of manufacturing generic drugs by the Chinese administration lags far behind the International standard. The authorities too have an inefficient drug approval system due under-funded FDA.


Healthcare workers, doctors, and medical authorities advise and warn about the use of generic drug copies as they can cause side-effects and allergies (Which are common with these drugs!). People in-spite of the warnings tends to go for the cheaper option as they can’t afford the burden of the economy, medication, and daily use belongings. There have been cases where many of those who go for the expensive medication end up bankrupt or giving up the medication altogether.


There even came a time, when medicines were smuggled into China, which shows the need for low-cost medication and concern required by the people.


India’s Perspective


India’s healthcare industry has been truly dependent on generic drugs. They have maintained a high standard of patent causing problems for global pharmaceutical leaders.


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The generic drug industry on other hand is saving the lives of the thousands of patients. It is because of the generic drugs that they are able to afford life. The patients otherwise would have ended up without medication because they couldn’t have afforded the high costs of those life-saving and expensive drugs.
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