India – Global Leader in Generic Drugs

Global Leader in Generic Drugs

India – Global Leader in Generic Drugs


India has been a biggest global market in the field of healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. The widely used among those services are generic drugs that are widely used in India and are also been exported to other countries. But do we have a fair amount of information about them?

So, what are generic drugs and what we need to take in course of our action when it comes to the use of these drugs with regards to medical services?


What Are They?

A generic drug is same as the branded drug and in fact is a copy of the original branded product. These are sold with the same name as the chemical composition and have the same effects as the branded drugs are known as generic drugs. The only difference between a generic and a branded one is the name and cost effectiveness.

Once the patent for the original product is out of time than other companies can take measures and can create their own version of that product.

Both drugs have the same effect but the chemical names of the generic ones are not quite familiar to everyone which makes it difficult to understand the difference. For ex. Iressa (Gefitinib) 250mg is the branded drug name and its generic drugs known as the name of Geftinat, Gefitrust, Emfib, Xefta, Zefotib, Geftib, Geffy, Gefticip etc.


India and Its Position Regarding Generic Drugs

India has a wide market of generic drugs and other than providing it to their own people, these are also exported to all over the world because of their need and cost effectiveness compared to other countries.

India is the third largest producer of pharmaceuticals and the largest exporter of generic drugs to the world beating china. India focuses more on the produce of these drugs is due to the harsh reality of brands delivering the same product at an all time high.


Spreading the awareness!

Due to their affordability and high demand, the government’s main aim has been to make it available to everyone as they are cheaper in comparison to branded drugs. In fact, in the recent turn of events, the Delhi government has directed the medical shops to keep a division dedicated to generic drugs.

According to the directive of Union Health Ministry and the Medical Council of India, generic drugs in India would not be sold under brand names but by their generic names only. The medical fraternity including doctors and physicians in the Central and State Governments-run hospitals are asked to prescribe medicines with their generic names. However, the use of branded drugs still continues.


Related Examples

Cancer Medicine

Composition: Abiraterone Acetate 250mg

Branded Drug - Zytiga 250 mg: Price INR. 1,50,000;

Generic Drug - Xbira 250mg : Price INR. 19,500


Composition: Everolimus 10mg

Branded Drug - Afinitor 10mg: Price INR. 75,785;

Generic Drug - Rolimus 10mg: Price INR.  24,500


Composition: Sorafenib 200mg

Branded Drug - Nexavar 200mg: Price INR. 1,40,215;

Generic Drug - Sorafenat 200mg: Price INR. 8,880


Note that prices may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

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