Conquering the World of Hepatitis C – India on their way

Conquering the World of Hepatitis C – India on their way

Conquering the World of Hepatitis C – India on their way

India, a country known for its leading healthcare market has been serving the world with its low-cost generic drugs. Their cheap versions of generic medication with the same qualities and effects as the originals have brought a serious competition in the Pharmaceutical Industry. It is currently the largest provider of generic drugs worldwide accounting for 20% of the exports of global generic drugs.


Discovering the Market of Hepatitis C


When Hepatitis C was first known to the world, it resulted in hysteria and fear among the people. With no appropriate solution, it was an epidemic situation causing a serious outburst. The most serious concern was the severe lever damages and absence of the right treatment.


According to the World Health Organisation, around 71 million people worldwide are suffering from Hepatitis C. With the countries focused on eliminating HCV infection, India too has joined hands with the world. With the latest discoveries including, Sofosbuvir drug, the dream looks like a possibility.


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Drug Discoveries


It was due to many advances and research projects that the healthcare industry went through, the discovery of Sofosbuvir Drug came as a boon. Other drugs such as Ledipasvir, Velpatasvir, and Tenofovir Alafenamide are used as a combination for providing treatment to those suffering from HCV infection.


Sovaldi and Epclusa drugs (Branded) are among the magical discoveries for treating Hepatitis C infections. Epclusa is suitable for all the genotypes of Hepatitis C causing no side effects.


It is said, that 9 out of 10 patients can be cured with Sofosbuvir drug and the success rate is more than any other treatment like that of Interferon or Ribavirin.


Generic Forms of Drugs Used


Hepatitis C infection has been a core issue that has caused problems to human society. With the branded drugs ranging at different prices, there are treatments in the form of generic drugs. Drugs such as, – Hepcinat, Hepcinat LP, Velpanat, Natdac, Hepbest, Hepcinat Plus etc. can also be the solution to your HCV infection.


So, with generic forms of medication are slowly taking over the business, let’s see how competitive the health industry gets over the time period of the next five years.

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