7 Simple Steps To Boost Your Metabolism

Simple Steps To Boost Your Metabolism

7 Simple Steps To Boost Your Metabolism


A strong metabolism will keep you sailing through life. But, Metabolism can be affected because of age, heredity, hormonal changes and stress. Hog on to these ways to increase your metabolism.

  • Water: Water is essential for our bodies; we cannot extract all minerals and nutrients from food. Drinking sufficient amount of water and eating water based fruits will help in increasing metabolism.

  • Protein Foods: Protein rich diets strengthen the body’s metabolism. Eggs and Soya are the major sources of proteins. Vegetarians can also grab skimmed milk and cheese to balance their protein needs. Kidney Beans are also a combination of delicious and protein rich elements.

  • Green Tea: Green tea has an antioxidant which helps to increase metabolism. It also helps you to detoxify your body, cut the unnecessary fat.

    It retains an energy level for 24 hours; it also helps in growth of healthy cells and tissues. Green Tea is also a stress buster and relaxes your body from daily activities.

  • Coffee: Caffeine is known to be a metabolism stimulator. Coffee also reduces the chances of Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes and Cancer. Consuming coffee in small amounts boosts the metabolism through strengthening the nervous system.

  • Beans: Beans are good for digestion and better the digestive system, more strengthened is your metabolism. They are cheap and are loaded with fiber, it also lowers the cholesterol.

  • Chili Pepper: Chili Pepper is used to flavor the food and is known for their hot and fiery characteristics. But, it also helps to fight inflammation, boost immunity, protects heart and relieves congestion.

    It reduces belly fat and monitors the appetite. You can use mustard sauce, jalapenos etc.

  • Breakfast: Are you planning to lose your weight? Do not skip breakfast meals; they are very important for the functioning of body. Skipping breakfast is like putting your body on sleepless nights in a row, it slows the metabolism and sends the body into starving mode.

Include protein rich diet in your breakfast like eggs, milk and nuts to maintain a healthy balance.

A sound metabolism is a way to healthy and detoxified body. Adapt these simple steps in your daily habits and see the change for yourself.


Fun Fact: It only takes 30 minutes to inhibit your metabolism.

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