Arthritis & Osteoporosis Medicine Supplier In China

Arthritis is an informal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease. The percentage of people suffering from arthritis in China relatively lower than United States and Europe. Comparing the prevalence of disease from one region with another often provides insights into disease etiology. The prevalence of differences might be a cause of exposure to the environment, a difference in genetics. symptomatic knee osteoarthritis is extremely common in China and constitutes a major public health problem there.

Causes of Arthritis

In china the arthritis typically falls under the following categories :

  • Acute painful obstruction can be due to wind, cold, dampness.
  • Painful obstruction syndrome.

Traditional Chinese Treatments for Arthritis

  • Acupuncture : Needles are placed into points around the painful parts, which brings circulation to the area and help relieving  the stagnation.
  • Herbal Therapy: Herbal therapy is an important treatment for chronic diseases. The strategy of  treatment may vary, depending on whether the condition is due to heat or cold, or if there is a deficiency of any vital substances.

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