Anti Cancer & Oncology Medicine Supplier In Russia

Cancer is a disease that involves an abnormal growth of cells. It harms the body by multiplying damaged cells, forming lumps of tissues known as a tumor. Russia is both a high-income country and an emerging economy but the Health in Russia wrecked rapidly after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, as a result of social, economic and lifestyle changes but considerably it has improved now. According to recently made surveys it was found that cancer is the second leading cause of death in Russia. In Russia, the overall risk of dying from cancer is about 60% & the average life expectancy in Russia was 65.1 years for males and 76.5 years for females.

The  country is facing such a terrifying cancer strain and the reasons behind it are :

  • Economic disparities : People living outside major cities have inadequate access to cancer care facilities.
  • Distribution of facilities : The distribution of the facilities  throughout the country is uneven.
  • Healthcare spending : The health care spending  for the poor is comparatively lower than other countries  with similar income levels.

World health organization has classified the country as “ MOST RISKY “ because of the high consumption of alcohol and an estimated of 30 percent patients receive the radiation therapy due to lack of financial resources, training, equipment and personnel.

India - A consistent Oncology Medicine Provider To Russia

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