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No matter how you smoke, tobacco is dangerous to human health. Any tobacco products are free of substances from acetone and tar to nicotine and carbon monoxide. The substance you inhale affects not only your lungs but also the whole body. Smoking consumption can lead to various persistent complications of the body system. Smoking may increase your risk of problems in a matter of years, but some physical effects are immediate. Learn more about the symptoms and overall effects of smoking on the body.

Central nervous system: Component of tobacco is called a nicotine mood change drug. Nicotine can take a few seconds to reach your brain and make you feel more vibrant for a while. But because this effect disappears, you will feel bored and desire more. Nicotine is very used to, and that's why people find it hard to quit smoking. Nicotine's physical withdrawal may damage your cognitive function, making you feel anxious, irritable and depressed. Withdrawal can also cause headaches and sleep problems.

Respiratory system: When you inhale smoke, you may ingest substances that may damage the lungs. Over time, this damage can lead to a variety of problems. As the rate of infection increases, smokers have a higher risk of chronic irreversible lung disease, such as:

  • Emphysema, destruction of the lungs
  • Chronic bronchitis, which affects the permanent inflammation of the lung ventilator lining
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a group of lung diseases

Lung cancer

When your lungs and airways begin to heal, withdrawal from tobacco products may cause temporary congestion and discomfort. Increased mucus formation after quitting is a positive signal that your respiratory system is recovering. Parents smokers are more likely to have to cough, wheezing and asthma attacks than children who do not have their parents. They also tend to have higher rates of pneumonia and bronchitis.

Cardiovascular system: Smoking can damage the entire cardiovascular system. Nicotine will tighten the blood vessels, thus limiting the flow of blood. Over time, persistent stenosis and vascular damage can lead to peripheral arterial disease. Smoking will also increase blood pressure, weaken the blood vessel wall, increase blood clots. Together, this increases the risk of stroke. If you have a cardiac bypass surgery, a heart attack or a stent placed in a blood vessel which increases the risk of heart disease worsening. Smoking will not only affect your cardiovascular health, but also the body of your unhealthy people do not smoke. Exposure to secondhand smoke is the same as a smoker and a non-smoker. Risk includes stroke, heart attack, and heart disease.

Integumentary system (skin, hair, and nails):  More obvious signs of smoking involve skin changes. The material in the tobacco actually changes the structure of your skin. A recent study shows that smoking can greatly increase the risk of squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer). Your nails and toe nails can not be protected from smoking. Smoking increases the possibility of fungal infections. Tobacco is also affected by nicotine. An older study found that it would increase hair loss, bald and grayed out.

Digestive system: Smoking increases the risk of mouth, throat, lung and esophageal cancer. Smokers have a higher incidence of pancreatic cancer. Even smokers who do not inhale can increase the risk of oral cancer. Smoking also affects insulin and is, therefore, more likely to develop insulin resistance. This can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and its complications, and these complications are faster than non-smokers.

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