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Hepatitis is a tenderness of the liver. There are five  main types of hepatitis are  A, B, C, D and E. Vietnam is one of the countries in which hepatitis infections have reached an alarming rate as 10-20 percent of its population has contracted to  the disease. According to recent survey made  by WHO, An estimated number of  10,000 Vietnamese people die every year from cirrhosis complications and liver cancer.

The country  has the highest rates of viral hepatitis B and C in Asia.  In Vietnam an estimated of 20 percent hepatitis B are among pregnant women due to which nearly  55,000 infants born with the virus each year. Hepatitis B is  also the leading cause of liver cancer, with 25 percent of patients developing cirrhosis and then liver cancer if untreated. The newborns have a 90 percent chance of being chronically infected and that they can pass the virus to other people.65 percent of new-born babies in 2015 received the vaccination on the day of their birth.

Causes of Hepatitis In Vietnam

  • Unprotected sexual intercourse.
  • Sharing  a needle with an infected person.
  • Tattoo created with unsterilized needles.

India - A Consistent Hepatitis Medicine Provider To Vietnam

India is  world’s largest generic medicine wholesaler and on the other hand the country has made a strong pitch in Vietnam to expand and push the exports of its pharmaceutical products. The export of generic pharmaceuticals is one of India’s strengths. Oddway International is among the prominent HCV / Hepatitis drugs wholesaler, supplier, distributor & exporter in Vietnam at market leading price with express delivery. Click here to visit HCV / Hepatitis drugs section.

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