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Russia is world’s largest country in the world covering a territory of 17,098,246 km2 and world’ 9th most populous but the country is suffering from major health diseases. Hepatitis is among the leading death causing diseases in Russia. It is Viral Hepatitis is a common and life threatening infectious disease in Russia. In some cities in Russia, up to 90% of people who use injecting drugs are infected with hepatitis C an estimated number 250,000 people die due to causes related to hepatitis c . HCV is also the main cause of chronic liver disease. An estimated number of 5 million people in Russia are infected with HCV  infection of which 1.5 - 2 million people urgently need treatment. High cost of life saving drugs is also a cause behind the expansion HCV. The medications are generally very expensive due oligopoly. The healthcare system in Russia is in dire need of an overhaul and HCV treatment drugs are purchased at high cost.

Hepatitis - An Epidemic Of Negligence

  • Doctors fail to inform patients about the recent HCV treatment methods, which results in low treatment uptake.
  • Treatment demand is limited by high cost of preliminary tests required for the prescription of treatment.
  • Russia does not have clinical protocols for hepatitis C treatment.

India - A Consistent Hepatitis Medicine Provider To Russia

India is world’s largest generic medicine wholesaler and on the other hand the country has made a strong pitch in Russia to expand and push the exports of its pharmaceutical products. The export of generic pharmaceuticals is one of India’s strengths. Oddway International is among the prominent HCV / Hepatitis drugs wholesaler, supplier, distributor & exporters in Russia at market leading price with express delivery. Click here to visit Hepatitis medicines section.

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